Thursday, November 21, 2019

Is it possible to change your sexuality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Is it possible to change your sexuality - Essay Example On a societal level, people-to-people contact must be stressed so that they come in close contact with each other and start understanding the needs and wants of their fellow human beings and thus no question arises when this subject starts to make headlines and the hard liners begin their daily protesting routine, just for the sake of nothing but raising a voice here and pelting stones there. This does not work in life as it mars the spirit of freedom for one and all and invites trouble from all quarters. Empathy must be the way forward in such a case whereby one puts him or her in the other’s (homosexual individual’s) shoe for a moment and start thinking of the problems and difficulties he or she would have to face in the same scenario. This would solve many a problem, as it would generate much more understanding and a sense of attachment with the gays and lesbians of the society. On an individual level, a gay or for that matter a lesbian must understand the commitment he has with the society and he also should know as to how his actions could affect it, both from a positive as well as from a negative point of view. He must avoid the trouble of inviting pressure from the hard liners if he possibly can but if the homosexual feels that it is his right to do whatsoever he wishes then he must do it, in the best manner possible, not only to benefit his own self but also provide comfort and consolation for the other homosexual who agrees to marry the former one. However, one should keep a close and vigilant eye on the pressures he would have to face at the hand of the society and the pressure groups when he decides to carry out the same.

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