Thursday, February 27, 2020

Paraphrasing my BSAD Capstone assignment (Strategy Implementation) Essay

Paraphrasing my BSAD Capstone assignment (Strategy Implementation) - Essay Example Changing the mission statement is very essential as it plays a very critical role in the creation of a business image. Another thing that it needs to do is working on its statement of values and maintaining it. In addition, it is essential for the corporation to prepare a list of strategies that would enhance its success. For it to be in a position of identifying the dangers that it could encounter, there needs to be an organizational structure together with a backup plan to save the situation in case the structure fails. The company should utilize a system of behavioral control and the employees should be given incentives and rewards to motivate them. Lastly, the company should address the ethical issues about it by planning for the existing legal issues. The name Stilsim means the enthusiasm that is felt in the industry. We have an extensive knowledge concerning the people and this shows how our company is recognized within the marked as well as the community. Our name, just like us, is very different. However, we have three offices located in central Ohio and our workforce there consists of several registered associates who offer flexible staffing yearly to our clientele’s accounts. We have vast experience in this field that goes for about 25 years, which gives use awareness regarding the present challenges, hence we supply you with staffing and service that can be able to sufficiently meet those challenges. Factors that the company values mostly include quality customer service, Integrity, honesty, personal excellence, mutual respect, openness and continual self improvement. We focus on our customer and cliental and our top priority ensuring that they are provided with the best of the services. We can boast of respecting our clients, employees and shareholders and love offering the best results. We also provide our employees and clients with out handbook and brochures which contains all the fundamental information about us so as to make them

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